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Here's The Scoop

If you have any questions about me, who I am, or what I do - you have landed on the right page!

I have spent the majority my life helping others. What I didn't know up until about seven years ago is that what comes naturally to me is my life path.

Divine intervention shifted me from the corporate sector, where I led, educated, mentored, and helped people rise in responsibilities and job roles. I played an essential role in assisting them to increase their knowledge, skills, self-confidence, and courage, enabling them to see and strive for more in their careers.

That intervention showed me there were more profound and meaningful ways to help others. It gave me a new perspective on the inner workings of how our past gets in the way of the things that we want to accomplish. It stops us from seeing our beauty, tenacity, strength, and courage. It brought to light that even the most minor traumatic childhood experiences can leave scars that limit us as adults. It demonstrated how the effects of our upbringing, belief systems, and family dynamics leave us with limiting beliefs, fear, judgment, or worse, loss of self.

I began my new journey as a life coach, and that morphed into business coaching.

But the divine was not done with me yet. So another shift occurred that moved me into energy healing. Now I help heal and clear the pain, trauma, and unsupportive belief systems on all mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels.

Today, I run a person-focused practice. Why person-focused? If you think about it, there is a common denominator in your relationships, family, career, or business. 

That common denominator is YOU.

You are the foundation of everything you do. The stronger, more confident, and courageous you are, the closer you are to being the person you were always meant to be and having the life you deserve.

I invite you to come work with me so that you can discover all that you have been missing.

Meet Teha

Holistic Coach

Multiphasic Multi-Dimensional Energy Healer

Certified Coach

Certified Gestalt Coach

Certified Equine Assisted Facilitator

Working With Me

Growth and Healing

Grow and heal the past making what seemed to be impossible,


Release and Awakening

Release lower vibrational energies and attachments to awaken

your divine gifts and become the person

you were always meant to be.

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