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Elysian Energy Healing

  • Pain Reduction

  • Release Limiting Beliefs

  • Balance Energy

  • New Perspective

  • Release Triggers

  • Reduce Stress

  • Release Emotional Drama

  • Release Energetic Blocks

  • Release Energetic Attachments

  • Raise Energetic Vibration

  • Rewrite Unhealthy Patterns

  • Bring Back Parts of Self

  • As a Multiphasic and Multi-dimensional energy healer, I connect with your Higher Self and Guides to discover what needs to be worked on based on the package intention, topic, or challenge you share. 

    Your session work is charted and ready at the time of your session so that we can dive right in.

    Stepping into energy work is like peeling back the layers of an onion. Each layer has its own energetic work to clear.

    This energy work will release and heal those layers to raise your overall energetic vibration to help you live in a positive emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical state. 

    There are several ways to work with me. However, when I am asked where to start, I recommend doing the Awakening series.

    Discover more information about each option below.

    The intention of the Awakening series is to raise your energy vibration as high as we can get it by clearing out the lower vibrational blocks and attachments. 40-plus items and categories are reviewed to establish your session work.

    With this intention we can clear 75-85 percent of the energetic garbage getting in your way.

    Think of it like spring cleaning. When we do our spring cleaning, there is always a room, closet, cabinet, and boxes we don't get to. And we can always come back and take care of them later.

    Awakening is just like spring cleaning. It works on the most significant intention, clears out most of the clutter, and gets things organized so your energy can flow freely with less obstruction. Then you can come back to Energetic Decluttering and work on topic-specific areas to continue the process.

    The Awakening series can range from 20-24 sessions. At this time the average number with my clients is 22 sessions. 

    And yes, I will agree that it sounds like a lot. And yet, the results that come from making this commitment to yourself is priceless.

    Sessions are 60 minutes and can be scheduled twice a month (every other week.)

    I invite you to start your energy-healing journey today.

    Use the Awakening button below to see the available session packages.

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